Heaven's Family Magazine
August 2021 Issue

An SOS From Cuba

David Servant

Dear Friends,

I recently received a cry for help from a friend and dedicated ministry partner in Cuba. The letter was covertly sent to Heaven’s Family, managing to avoid the communist regime’s recent crackdown on communications. What follows is information you won’t be reading in the news!

For the first time in the 62 years of Cuba’s communist revolution, several cities across the country erupted in a national protest. Thousands of people took to the streets in protest against the communist dictatorship.

Faced with this situation, the president spoke to the country and gave the combat order to repress all the people who were protesting. By this order, the special troops and the Cuban army were mobilized in all parts of Cuba to confront the protesters. The protests still continued, but with more violent clashes, and the government has ordered the military to find and arrest all those who participated in the protests; for this reason, hundreds of people are being arrested and taken to unknown places.

For Cubans, all this is very unusual. Cuba has never experienced anything like this. Cubans are not used to seeing and participating in mass protests or strikes or openly confronting the government. These events, which in other countries of the world would be quite normal, are extraordinary for Cuba, because the government condemns all kinds of protests and has always taken extreme actions against them.

The president’s order has been to persecute and repress all those who have participated in the protests. For this reason, now there is fear and paranoia everywhere. The government has decided to cut the internet service to prevent communication. Only some people have VPN on their phones as I do, and we can have service for a few minutes at some point.

All the churches are praying for this sad situation and we are avoiding any confrontation between the church and the government. Various members of all denominations have participated in the protests and this may result in the government also attacking the church as an institution.

In the last six months, Cuba has become a real hell of frustration and hopelessness for many people. Poor living conditions, lack of food and medicine, and government repression have gone a long way. For the first time in my life, I can say that people are hungrier and more miserable than the bad conditions that I saw when I went to Mexico three years ago. Second, the situation with Covid has worsened so much in recent months. Yes, the problems have come in this order: first the hunger, the needs and the lack of medicines, then the Covid pandemic. I clarify this because many people think that the pandemic has caused this whole situation, but that is not the case.

Right now, the need for products of all kinds is so great and the government’s money system has caused inflation of 700 percent—meaning that almost all prices have risen to eight times their previous amount. It is practically impossible to get milk, eggs, meat, fish, flour, bread, cookies, or oil. Many people are dying every day from diseases that should be perfectly treatable and curable, due to the lack of medicines.

All this has caused great despair, frustration and despair among Cubans. The lack of supplies is so great that there is no way to buy clothes, shoes, deodorant or toothpaste. There are also no ways to get a job to make money, and the sector of the population that lived off tourism is bankrupt. Living conditions are really very difficult at the moment. This is the reason for the protests and rebellions these days.

In these difficult times, the hand of God has not stopped blessing His Church and the miracles of God are greater. Despite the fact that the government closed the churches once again and it has not been possible to meet due to the pandemic, the Church continues to live. The book of Acts has been of great inspiration and help in these times. The examples of Cubans praying, fasting and tending to the needs of all the brothers have provided evidence of the Christian faith and have shown non-believers that the God of the Bible is real. The current church in Cuba is fighting a great battle, but God is testing the individual faith of each Christian.

I have written this so that you know a little about what is happening in Cuba; and mainly so that you can pray for all the brothers and churches. Today more than ever we need your prayers, and today as always prayer is the solution to human calamities. Thank you very much for your support in prayer and intercession before our God. God bless you.

Friends, the reason I’ve sent this letter to you is that Heaven’s Family has a way for you to help. Through a trusted covert network, we can send funds to the Church in Cuba, to help alleviate the incredible suffering our brothers and sisters in Christ are facing today.

Because the communist regime controls the economy, we are operating in the black market to get lifesaving supplies to those who need help the most. Prices have skyrocketed recently, but we can’t abandon our fellow believers in their time of need.

Even under normal conditions, Cuba is a very difficult place to live because of the communist regime. But now, things are even worse and our spiritual family is in dire need of help. Their desperate cries are being silenced by the government. But thankfully, this letter made it through to us—and thus to you.

Now that you know what’s really going on in Cuba, can you help? For about $6, you can help feed one person for one day. $30 can feed five people. $240 can feed 40 people. $600 can feed 100 people. $3,000 can feed 500 people. You get the idea! I’m praying that, together, we can help feed 10,000 people!

If you’re able to give, please send your donation as soon as you finish reading this—before distractions steal your attention. The Heaven’s Family Disaster Relief Ministry will oversee delivery to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Please share this letter with your church, family, friends, and everyone you know. We mustn’t let our Cuban family be forgotten.

On their behalf,

David Servant
Founder and President, Heaven’s Family

Yes, David! Please use my gift to provide a lifeline to the Cuban church:

feed 1 person ($6)  |   feed 5 people ($30)  |   feed 40 people ($240)

feed 100 people ($600)  |   feed 500 people ($3,000)


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