Fitzpatrick Ministry Fund

Fitzpatrick Ministry Fund

Jason Fitzpatrick was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. Jason’s first trip with a missionary team was to Bolivia when he was 15 years old. He then went to Guatemala for a couple years. From the age of 18 to the present, Jason has been in Mexico preaching the gospel.

In 1992 Jason married Nicole, who had lived many years on the mission field herself. Nicole Fitzpatrick fell in love with her husband twice. The first time was before they were married. The second time was one year later when, while traveling through Texas, Nicole was thrown through a windshield and landed over 80 feet from her crashed vehicle. Her back was broken. Her liver and spleen were ruptured, and her lungs collapsed. She had to be shocked back to life many times in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. When she awoke from her coma 10 days later, she couldn’t remember Jason—nor much of anything else. Eventually Nicole’s parents won her confidence and were able to convince her that she was a married woman (the wedding photos cinched it). But her husband, Jason, remained a perfect stranger. He went to work to win her heart a second time…and succeeded. Jason and Nicole are no strangers to overcoming enormous obstacles. After her accident, Nicole was told that she would never bear children, but by the grace of God, she’s delivered two healthy children: Sed Justus, a son born in 1995, and Jasmine Elane, a daughter born in 2001.

The Fitzpatricks continued to pioneer a work among the poor, marginalized descendants of the Aztec Indians. Jason spread the gospel in remote villages where Christ had never been preached. Most of the people whom he encountered practiced a mixture of folk spiritism and Roman Catholicism, the fruit of which has been rampant immorality and incest, drunkenness, grinding poverty, and broken lives. The gospel, confirmed by the Holy Spirit with healing miracles, has proven to be the cure.

In 2009, they built their first missional, agricultural Christian community they call “The Village,” where they live out the book of Acts by having all things in common with the body of Christ, and then started Village 2 in 2011. Village 1, located in the Puebla mountains and Village 2, located in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, are strong and growing communities. Currently, there are over 40 children that were in extreme need that Jason and Nicole have taken in as their own, plus 23 children from the 8 live-in staff families who run the Villages day to day. The Fitzpatricks live and rotate between them, helping them with their churches and schools, and showering them with Jesus’ love. They have taken in over 300 children over the past 8 years (of whom, they have helped restore many to their families, helped others mature enough to get jobs and become self-supporting, and the rest are still with them). There are more than 20 strong, established house churches that Jason pioneered in the area, and their leadership teams visit them weekly. Jason and Nicole continue to help feed and clothe the residents of the Village, minister to the churches, care for over 20 widows, and provide basic medical care for residents and the poor in the surrounding areas.

In 2013, after years of prayer, Jason and Nicole opened a Safe House to protect, care for, bring emotional, spiritual and physical healing, and educate young girls who have been rescued from human trafficking until they are ready to join the family at Village 1 or Village 2. The Safe House is strategically located in an area where vulnerable children are frequently exposed to human and drug trafficking—and where the Fitzpatricks are poised to rescue them. It is near a college where students from Village 1 (who have graduated from high school) now attend. This location serves as a home to these college students, also, and they help disciple and protect the younger children saved from such horrific environments.

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