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July 2019 Issue

They Escaped ISIS. Now Their Food Is Running Out.

David Servant

They Escaped ISIS. Now Their Food Is Running Out.

Dear Family,

After fleeing for their lives from ISIS, Jamal and her 3 daughters lost everything and now are in desperate need of help. For $58 you can provide this destitute family with life-sustaining essentials for an entire month.

Not long ago, life was normal. Jamal was a young mother with 3 lovely daughters, ages 11, 9 and 7. Her husband had a growing business. Their house was more than adequate for their family of 5. Life was good.

But their safety and comfort were about to be shattered.

Rumors of ISIS’s reign of terror spread like wildfire. Militants killed, raped and tortured thousands of people on their merciless rampages. No one was safe. Jamal desperately hoped and prayed ISIS would somehow avoid their area.

Unfortunately, Jamal’s worst nightmares came true. ISIS descended upon their region; darkness and death followed.

One day Jamal’s husband—her provider and rock—vanished, never to be seen or heard from again. Breathless fear gripped Jamal. She had heard horror stories of men vanishing, often kidnapped and executed by ISIS…but her mind would forever be tortured not knowing his fate.

Picture of Refugee Family


In the fear-filled vacuum left by her husband, Jamal clung tightly to all she had left—her young daughters. They huddled indoors, hoping to remain undetected.

But then the unthinkable happened—ISIS militants sexually assaulted one of her precious daughters…her pure and innocent treasures. Recognizing she could no longer keep her girls safe, Jamal knew she needed to get them to safety—somewhere—and fast…at whatever the cost!

Leaving behind everything she knew and loved—her home, her belongings, her husband’s business, and her family’s earthly possessions—Jamal quickly and quietly fled with her daughters.

Thankfully, Jamal made it to a secure village, outside the reach of ISIS. Finally, this traumatized mother could take her first easy breath in a long time, knowing her daughters were safe from ISIS. But their fight for survival wasn’t over yet…

Jamal set up “home” in a makeshift structure, lacking proper heat or protection from the elements. Many other displaced families also live in the camp, surviving under tarps. Living conditions are deplorable and work opportunities scarce.

Then Jamal heard rumors of Christians from a church in the area who showed love and compassion to refugees without discrimination. A Muslim, she never would have dared set foot in a church back home. Now she was desperate. Jamal had exhausted her options and her daughters were hungry. She would go.

Jamal found the food assistance she sought. Unexpectedly she found more. Love…care…and peace—like never before. In the days and weeks ahead, Jamal and her daughters encountered Jesus Christ and surrendered their lives to Him. Jamal said, “My house of misery became a house full of prayers and songs.”

Family, the reason I am writing to you today is because the church’s monthly food assistance that has helped keep Jamal and her daughters alive (along with 100 other desperate families) has run out of funding. Without intervention, Jamal’s food parcels will run out next month.

This life-sustaining food aid has resulted in dozens of displaced Muslim families coming to know Jesus! But their desperation remains. And without the food assistance, Jamal has no way to feed her daughters.

Jamal has lost everything: her husband; her house; and their business. But she has found hope in Jesus. Can you provide her with life-sustaining essentials for only $58? This will provide her and her daughters with an entire month of food, as well as soap and other basic necessities.

Please help if you can. For Jamal,

P.S. Jamal and her young daughters have lost everything to ISIS. With a gift of $58 you can provide them with a month-long survival kit of food, soap and other basic necessities, letting them know they are not alone in their time of distress. There is a total of 100 families in desperate need. Please give before August 15th—before the food parcels run out. Thank you!

Yes! I’d like to feed desperate families with my gift of:

$58 (feed one family)  |   $116 (feed two families)  |   $290 (feed five families)


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