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June 2018 Issue

Bringing Moses Back to Life

How one little Ugandan boy shows us the power of love

Carmen Parise

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Picture of Victoria holding Moses

Victoria holding Moses

A dark and dirty back room greeted baby Moses, without ceremony or celebration, into this world. His violent conception was equally unheralded.

Born of rape to a mentally-ill mother who could not properly care for her new son, Moses failed to grow by any meaningful measure. Nine months into his own life, his mother lost hers. Moses was then passed to the first of many caregivers who would be unwillingly saddled with his care for the next three years. During that time, he received the minimal food needed to keep his frail frame alive, but was deprived of essential nourishment for his spirit and soul. His life steadily ebbed away. By age 4, his emaciated body barely registered 12 pounds—a mere 25% of the same-age boy in the West.

It was hard to think of a deck stacked more devastatingly against Moses, whose lack of care—and scandalous heritage—gave him a certain infamy. “He’s a curse,” was the one thing everyone in his village seemed to agree on regarding the boy. A grim picture, yes, but don’t give up on me yet, dear reader—this is a story about hope and love!

Our turn of events begins when our heavenly Father sent a messenger of love named Victoria Namusisi to rescue Moses, just as He sent Pharaoh’s daughter to rescue another baby Moses long ago.

Victoria, I’ve observed, has a very tender spot for the “least of these.” In her own words, “God didn’t call me to look after the good-looking chubby kids, but to rescue those who are dying.” When she first met Moses—as a would-be poster child for African famine—he immediately stole a place in her heart and, soon after, her home.

Victoria quickly realized, to her shocked amazement, that Moses could do none of the physical feats such as walking, crawling, or even rolling over that had long been mastered by his peers. Victoria gave Moses a place of honor: a small crib in her own bedroom.

Good news for Moses’ first week—tests cleared him of HIV, an all-too-common infection among babies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Immunizations and nutrition programs for the newcomer followed. For physical therapy, Moses was given his first goal: to sit up in a chair. Although bursting at the seams with other hard-luck kids and financially strained, Victoria made sure Moses received the nourishment and medical care of which he’d been deprived all his life. Now joyously swimming in an ocean of love, Moses quickly bonded with Victoria and her staff. He reciprocated in the only way he knew how—by flailing his arms and uttering unintelligible but unmistakable sounds of joy towards everyone he encountered.

Since that day last summer when Moses found his home in the loving hearts of others, he has doubled in weight. He also achieved his first developmental milestone—sitting upright without assistance. Next comes walking and talking, but these will take time.

Beyond all that Victoria and her staff have done for Moses physically, however, is the one special ingredient of care that he receives in overwhelming abundance: love. The love for one’s neighbor. The love towards the orphan or widow. The love of the Holy Spirit calling each of us to help our brother. Clearly, this is the one ingredient that’s turned Moses’ life around. It’s the kind of love that conquers all. In Victoria’s words, God has used that love to “bring Moses back to life,” and given him a future filled with hope.

The Bigger Picture...

Carmen Parise

Carmen Parise

There are times when I consider all the tiny babies who, just like Moses, are born weak and frail into circumstances of poverty and neglect. I want to ask God, “Why do You allow poverty, famine and injustice in the world, when You have the power to do something about it?” But I hesitate, afraid He’ll ask me the same question. Indeed, He has given all of us various resources, and He wants us to offer them up in faith, with the love and power of the Holy Spirit residing in each of us, to the opportunities He gives us. This story is one such opportunity, and I’m grateful to be helping—along with all who give to the Disabilities Ministry—to give Moses a hope-filled future.

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