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September 2012 Issue

“Don’t Send the Money!”

The Critical Medical Needs Fund at Work in Myanmar

Patti Samuels


Maung Maung, his wife Ni Hnem Chin, and Sister Sundersing, rejoicing in God’s healing touch

“Don’t send the money!”

Those are words that Heaven’s Family staff members rarely read in the hundreds of weekly communications that we receive from around the world. But I was even more amazed as I continued to read the email from Maung Maung Ta, a Heaven’s Family orphanage director in Myanmar: “I’ve received a miracle—I can walk! Jesus has healed me!”

I’d been in close touch with Maung Maung, the director of Life Orphanage in Kalamyo, Myanmar, for many weeks. He’d asked us to pray that God would heal his severe, debilitating back pains. We paid for tests, which revealed that nerves in his spine were being crushed between two vertebrae. The doctor told Maung Maung that he would need to travel 160 miles to Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar, for surgery.

Knowing that the bone-jarring road to Mandalay would be agonizing to his sensitive back helped motivate Maung Maung to wait and trust the Lord. But as weeks passed he found himself unable to get out of bed, and his pain became excruciating. So I set the wheels in motion to send him money from our Critical Medical Needs Fund for his needed surgery and, since he couldn’t sit up, for a pickup truck that would transport him to Mandalay.

The thought of making the pain-filled trip terrified him, but because he was so desperate, Maung Maung began making preparations for his unbearable journey that would begin the next day.

That afternoon, however, two familiar faces showed up at Maung Maung’s door. They came as messengers, they said, for Sister Sundersing, a prayer warrior from Cang El-Zawi, a nearby village. “She sends us to call you to come to her without fail because God asked her to call Maung Maung at Kalaymyo and pray for him.” Although he had not met Sister Sundersing personally, Maung Maung had heard that she had an effective prayer ministry.

Maung Maung spent the rest of that day and night wrestling with the two choices before him. Should he go to the hospital in Mandalay or visit a mysterious prayer woman?

By morning, Maung Maung decided to trust that God had spoken to Sister Sundersing. Lying in the back of a truck, he proceeded by faith to Cang El-Zawi village. Due to his pain, the driver proceeded very slowly, and the 25-mile journey lasted most of the day.

As soon as they arrived at sister Sundersing’s house she began praying: “Oh Almighty God, please take out all sickness and pain from Maung Maung’s body!” Maung Maung immediately felt the pain go down his legs and out his feet, but he still could not move. Sister Sundersing interceded throughout the night, and in the morning, after he awoke, Maung Maung found that he could not only get up from his bed, but that he could walk!


At left, Maung Maung with his wife, Ni Hnem Chin, when he could not get up; and at right, with Heaven’s Family staff members Dick and Patti Samuels as they receive a warm welcome from the children at Life Orphanage

Six months later, I visited Maung Maung when I was in Myanmar. At a worship service at his orphanage, I heard him shout praises to the Lord who had done wonderful things for him. I was in tears as I listened to his testimony.


How I wish that everyone who needs our help for critical medical needs was healed miraculously like Maung Maung. We are thankful, however, for every healing, even those that the Lord grants through the aid of medical science, as they are still miraculous. Your gifts to the Critical Medical Needs Fund help make many miracles possible every month! — Patti

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