December 2010

A Word from David

Thanks to so many members of heaven’s family, the ministry of Heaven’s Family has been blessed with a very fruitful year. Together, we’ve done our part to build God’s kingdom and meet the pressing needs of our brothers and sisters all over the world. The full story won’t be known until we arrive at our true home in heaven. But even with our limited understanding, there is so much we can rejoice about now. That is what our monthly e-magazine is all about.

Like every month, we’ve highlighted five stories that can touch your heart—moving you to be thankful for your blessings and compassionate towards “the least of these” among our spiritual family. I pray that this month, God will work powerfully by His Spirit within you, and that the result will be many thanksgivings arising to His throne for answers to prayer through your Christ-given love.

Your compassion can extend even further if you take full advantage of our Holiday Gift Catalog that you should have received last month. It is full of great ideas for Christmas gifts for friends and relatives who already have plenty of “stuff.” That catalog can also be viewed on our website at It is another wonderful way to lay up treasure in heaven.

Thanks again, for all you do in service to our King. — David

This Month's Articles

Parting Shot: Fast Food Icon Spotted in Pakistan

While Jeff Trotter was documenting Heaven’s Family’s flood relief work in Pakistan, he photographed this man whose beautiful red beard and distinctive face reminded him of Burger King’s mascot

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