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Between 2008 and 2011, twelve public charities, including the American Breast Cancer Foundation, Kids Wish Network, and the American Foundation for Disabled Children, hired a telemarketing solicitation service named Community Support that raised for them a collective total of $33 million—and charged them $29.8 million to do it, keeping 90.4% of what they raised. So, out of $33 million that was given by donors, only $3.2 million made it to those twelve charities! (See //www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/solicitors/list)

Of course, those twelve charities all had in-house administrative expenses as well, so the percentage of the donations raised by Community Support that ultimately benefitted each charity’s target recipients was even more minuscule!

I’m happy to report that Heaven’s Family doesn’t hire solicitation services. And you can give to any of the 24 Focused Funds that Heaven’s Family administrates, and 100% of what we receive is sent overseas to assist those who meet each Focused Fund’s criteria. Of course, we have administrative costs, but all those expenses are paid from our general fund, and we keep those expenses as low as possible. We understand that we have to answer to God! Thanks for allowing us to serve you as you serve the “least of these” through the ministry of Heaven’s Family. — David

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