God’s Love Groups

What Are God’s Love Groups?

God’s Love Groups (GLGs) are small discipleship groups of Farming God’s Way farmers who care for each other’s needs. GLGs have become vital fellowships where farmers not only care for one another, but where evangelism and genuine disciple-making are taking place.

Transcending mere technical farming methods, the GLGs provide the glue that holds farmers together and helps ensure their success. And it’s the place where vital, transforming relationships with God are born and nurtured through discipleship.

Because of God’s Love Groups, you are helping disciple the nations through your support of Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way Ministry!

Picture of Recipient helped by a Farming God's Way God's Love Groups
Elisabeth Benjamin is a destitute widow in Baluwa whose house was destroyed in a storm and rebuilt by a God’s Love Group

How Do God’s Love Groups Work?

God’s Love Groups are weekly meetings at which Farming God’s Way farmers are not only taught life-changing agricultural principles, but also Bible truths.

GLGs work on each other’s farms together. The strongest in the group dig the planting stations while the weakest put in wood ash and manure. They all gather God’s blanket together. They travel from farm to farm until everyone’s farm is ready to plant as soon as the rains come.

Below is a testimony from one of our FGW trainers in Zimbabwe about how God’s Love Groups work…

This past week [my GLG members] were looking at Psalm 139: especially verses 1-6, 23-24. After the study one group member led by the Holy Spirit felt she needed to share things (secrets) she thought were a barrier between her and God. She never told anyone, even parents or relatives. After her sharing the whole group followed suit but most felt [more comfortable to] write down on a piece of paper without name and mix the papers, read out and prayed together.

That was so humbling to me and one girl was finding it difficult to forgive someone who raped her…that was her first time sharing this. Because of this GLG group people feel free to share anything for the first time in their lives. Only God can free and heal them and we already seeing the results but it is a process. Some they are victims but some they did bad things to others. Many many thanks for your continued support.

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Farming God’s Way is transforming the landscape of Africa—both physically and spiritually.

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