Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Micro-Loan Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

01 Sep

280 Years

280 years. That is how long the residents of Van Hniam village, deep in the mountains of rural Myanmar, lived without running water. Villagers had to hike 3 miles round trip to fetch the water that has always sustained them. But now, thanks to gifts to Heaven's Family's Mutual Fund and Village Development Fund, they enjoy the blessings of running water in their village, accessible from 18 outdoor water faucets, that flows from a large, concrete reservoir high in the mountains.

01 Jan

A Flying Saucer Lands in Zatual

For a Discovery Channel adventurer like myself, it was an Everest moment. We were the first foreigners to ever visit Zatual, a remote and primitive village strung high along a mountain ridge in Chin State, Myanmar. Zatual's inhabitants are all members of a small tribal group called the Zangiat, who speak their own distinctive language.

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