Heaven's Family Magazine
May 2020 Issue

Rescue Families During COVID-19

David Servant

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed impoverished families to the brink of starvation.

Dear Family,

Early this year, they were barely scraping by on $2/day. That was just enough to provide their daily bread.

And then COVID-19 struck.

After their government put their economy on a lockdown, their $2/day income was slashed to $0/day. Their savings? Non-existent. When you’re barely surviving day-to-day you can’t afford the luxury of a savings account.

And what about stimulus checks? Also non-existent for them. They won’t be receiving help from their government.

What happens to the very poor when they lose their jobs? They starve.

This may be the most urgent request I have ever brought before you. There is no way of sugarcoating the brutal facts: Today, and in the upcoming months, there are thousands of very, very poor men, women and children who are facing starvation, extreme malnutrition, and premature death, because of their economic lockdowns.

I know times are tough. Especially if you’ve lost your job and are possibly even sick. Because of that, I’m hesitant to present any big requests to you. But I’m afraid the worst is rushing in fast for our impoverished spiritual family around the globe. Please prayerfully consider if you can help save some lives.

Despite our troubles here in the U.S., I’m convinced that we’re all in a much better place than our very poor brothers and sisters in impoverished regions of the world.

One of those hardest hit by this crisis is little 3-month-old Isaias in Guatemala whose brief life began in the worst possible way…

Isaias was conceived through a violent rape. To make matters worse for him, his impoverished mother has extreme cognitive delays and is nonverbal. His grandmother, also very poor, does her best to care for both Isaias and his mother.

Isaias’s mom is unable to breastfeed him, and the small amount of formula his grandmother obtained is running out quickly, despite her best efforts to ration it.

Picture of baby Isaias

Isaias is just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of infants who are teetering on the edge of starvation because of economic lockdowns. If Isaias and the other children don’t receive the proper nutrition early in life, while their brains and bodies are developing, they could face extreme, irreversible mental and physical deficiencies…that is, if they’re fortunate enough to survive.

Our Guatemalan ministry partner shared with us, “As we met the people, our hearts continued to break. They were poor before, living hand-to-mouth as they worked. But with the shutdown, none of them have work any longer. So they have moved from poor to desperate.”

Can you stand in the gap with a gift today for those, like Isaias, whose lives are on the line because of these unprecedented economic lockdowns?

If you’d like to expedite a special life-saving gift for COVID-19 relief, please call our office (1-855-333-2211) or give online by credit card or PayPal. Or you can send a check with “COVID-19 Urgent Relief” in the memo line to: Heaven’s Family, PO Box 12854, Pittsburgh, PA 15241.

It only takes $12 to feed a family of 5 for an entire month in Guatemala. Your gift will help children in Guatemala, but also hurting families in places like India, Kenya, and other nations where the COVID-19 crisis is creating the most desperate need.

Anything that you can do for suffering babies like Isaias and families who are facing these unprecedented struggles—and starvation—will be an incredible blessing. Every bit will help.

Together, we can extend a lifeline to our starving spiritual family.


P.S.  Remember, $12 is all it takes to feed a family of 5 in Guatemala. These costs will vary from country to country, but you can make a big difference with any size donation.

Yes! I want to provide 1 month of immediate food relief for…

1 family ($12)  |   6 families ($72)  |   20 families ($240)


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