COVID-19 Urgent Relief

The poorest of the poor in places like Guatemala have gone from living on $2/day to fighting for survival on $0/day.

Economic lockdowns are crushing impoverished families who are no longer able to work. And without work, they aren't eating. They won't be receiving aid from their governments. Starvation is knocking on their doors.

Can you help?

Little 3-month-old Isaias in Guatemala (pictured on this page) is one of the lives hanging in the balance.

He was conceived after a violent rape. Because they've lost their jobs, his impoverished family is running out of formula to feed him. Without the proper nutrition at an early age, infants like Isaias could suffer extreme lifelong developmental delays…that is, if they're fortunate enough to survive.

It only takes about $12 to feed a family of 5 for an entire month in Guatemala.

Your gift will help children and impoverished families in places like India, Kenya and other nations where the COVID-19 crisis is creating the most desperate need.

Anything that you can do for suffering babies like Isaias and families who are facing these unprecedented struggles—and starvation—will be an incredible blessing. Every bit will help.

Together, we can extend a lifeline to our starving spiritual family.

COVID-19 Urgent Relief Options to save lives:

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3.) Call us between M-F, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET and give over the phone: 1-855-333-2211

4.) Mail a check, cash or money order made payable to Heaven's Family:

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