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March 2016 Issue

Farming God’s Way Ministry

Special Issue: 2015 Ministry Directors' Report

Dick Samuels, Farming God's Way Ministry

Pastor Joseph Maravanyika and his two beautiful children

Joseph Maravanyika pastors a small church in Mutare, Zimbabwe. But he finds that his greatest ministry occurs outdoors during the day, teaching people how to farm successfully, and indoors at night, teaching those same subsistence farmers about Jesus and how to rely on the local body of Christ for support that helps lead to success.

Joseph is a Farming God’s Way trainer, one of the precious partners the Lord has given the Farming God’s Way Ministry of Heaven’s Family. FGW is a revolutionary method of farming that relies on principles God has given us in His Word and in His creation, which when properly practiced results in spectacular harvests. And the essential ingredient for long-term success is the God’s Love Group, which provides local farmers with discipleship, spiritual growth, accountability and support.

A recent widower with 2 precious children of his own, Joseph also manages the Shinga Orphan’s Farm, where he implements FGW to feed the orphans, and teaches it to some of them so they can implement FGW on their own farms some day. The heart of Joseph’s FGW ministry are the God’s Love Groups that he has planted and oversees.

And then there’s Griffin Juma, our FGW trainer in Saboti, Kenya. Griffin is married and has 5 children, one of whom is adopted. By nature Griffin is quiet and reserved, but when he begins to teach FGW, he is transformed into a dynamic preacher and teacher. He explains that he is so moved with compassion for those poor farmers he ministers to that he is compelled to teach more poor farmers what he’s learned about farming and Jesus’ love.

I could go on to tell you about Joshua Kakande, our trainer in Jinga, Uganda, and so many others who are transforming both the economic and spiritual lives of hundreds of African brothers and sisters. Farming God’s Way, powered by God’s Love Groups, truly have the potential to transform a continent. Prayer is also needed to break down centuries-old cultural practices and spiritual strongholds.

In fact, it’s your prayers and generous financial support in 2015 and beyond that are the foundation of this ministry. Thank you—we couldn’t do it without you!

Help impoverished farmers produce sustainable, abundant harvests


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Heaven's Family's Compassion Club

Jesus so clearly described His true followers in Matthew 25:31-46. They are “sheep,” whose love for Him is revealed by their sacrifices for the “least of these.” The “sheep” are contrasted with the “goats,” who may even call Him “Lord,” but who don’t really love Him, as revealed by their lack of compassion for those within whom He lives.

Jesus’ true sheep are born again and transformed by the Holy Spirit. They want to serve Jesus every moment of their lives. They are filled with His love. They’re not “Sunday Christians.”

Heaven’s Family’s Compassion Club is a wonderful means for Christ’s followers to demonstrate their love for Jesus every day through the very means He taught—by serving the “least of these.”

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