Blessy Joyce Rojo

Blessy Joyce Rojo

Growing up in the Philippines, I began serving God at age 9 through the music ministry at my church. The church was pioneered by my dad. He taught the children in the church to play instruments while sharing with them about Christ, and I was one of the first kids he taught!

Since then, I have been involved as a volunteer in our church. With God’s guidance and goodness, I am now a youth pastor.

During the COVID pandemic, our family business went down. I am a designer by trade, so I began looking for work in this field. Someone from my church introduced me to Heaven’s Family, who was looking for a graphic designer at the time. I fell in love with this ministry. Through God’s provision, I was hired and started working for Heaven’s Family in November 2020 (on my birthday)!

I am very blessed to be a part of Heaven’s Family, whose vision and mission are directed by God’s Word.

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