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My hands were dirty and sweaty, but that didn’t stop eight giggling children from competing for the opportunity to hold my hand. Little did I know then, as I looked into the small faces of those children in Myanmar, that my heart would be forever changed.

Prior to that life-altering trip, I was at a crossroads. After graduating from high school, I put off college for a year to “seek God’s will for my life”—which was actually a smoke screen for seeking my will for my life. My father (founder of Heaven’s Family) offered me a position in the ministry, but I wanted something that would benefit me more financially.

Joining the trip to Myanmar was his idea. The needs I saw at first overwhelmed me. Jesus’ command to love my neighbor as myself hit me as never before when I saw the faces, heard the voices, and held the hands of my “neighbors.” My heart was broken, and I knew I couldn’t continue to live as though my neighbors didn’t exist. I knew which road I needed to take.

After returning home, I began serving full time for Heaven’s Family, helping out with the necessary behind-the-scenes administrative work for a growing ministry. After 9 years I took a more active role in our ministry work overseas and I developed a strong passion for helping children to live in families. I currently serve as Vice President of International Ministry.

I met Daisy, the young woman who would one day become my wife, on that first trip to Myanmar. We’ve been married for 9 years and have three sons.

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