Michelle Skocz

Michelle Skocz


It’s amazing how God can use a single moment to change the trajectory of our lives! It was 2015 and my husband, Henry, and I were on our first mission trip to Guatemala. We were visiting a ministry that had started a school for children who weren’t welcome anywhere else. These were the children of the Guajeros, the dregs of Guatemalan society who work in the filth and stench of Central America’s largest garbage dump.

As we sat in the classroom with those forgotten and outcast children, an innocent doe-eyed girl began to watch me. After a few moments of eye contact, she left her seat, walked toward me, and climbed into my lap. She rested her beautiful head upon my shoulder, nestled into me, and began to play with the cross pendant on my necklace. In that moment, the presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable. Life as I knew it changed instantaneously.

Upon our return from that trip, our hearts ached for those children in a way my husband and I had never experienced. We prayed and began to seek the Lord, specifically asking for Him to make a way for us to help those children. Becoming the director of Heaven’s Family’s Education Ministry is His answer to those prayers. Not only do I get to serve the children in Guatemala, but now I get to serve children and adults around the world! How awesome is our God?

I praise God for His grace and ongoing faithfulness to me. As a defeated, lost, and desperately empty adult, I cried out to Him in 1997 and asked that, if He was real, would He please come into my life. He did. The adventure I am now living as a daughter of the King of Kings is more than I deserve and is beyond my wildest imagination! I praise God that after 37 years of singleness He saw fit to bring me a man who loves Jesus, loves me, and is passionate to serve the Kingdom. Henry and I were married in 2011. We continue to travel together on mission trips and serve together at our local church. We pray that God would use our marriage for His purposes.

I am so grateful and humbled that God has redeemed me and my past experiences for His glory. I pray that my service would be pleasing unto Him and that many would come to know the One I call Savior. He is good!

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