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May 2011 Issue

God’s Wonder Women

The Muslim-Background Believers Fund at Work in India

David Warnock, Persecuted Christians Ministry


Smitha, Akani, Kehkile, Keheusamiyile, and Mariathon, with umbrellas to protect them from the sunshine

Knocking on doors and sharing the gospel in Muslim neighborhoods would strike fear into the hearts of most Westerners, who too often perceive all Muslims as enemies and terrorists. There are, however, some female followers of Jesus in South India who are not afraid to boldly carry the light of the truth into the darkness of Islam. They are God’s “Wonder Women,” and they work as servants of Bishara Mission Center, a ministry that is regularly supported by Heaven’s Family. Five of Bishara’s Wonder Women are Smitha, Akani, Kehkile, Keheusamiyile, and Mariathon (see photo above). God is using all five women to reach Muslims for His glory.

Their strategy is simple. They visit door-to-door during the day, when wives are home alone because their husbands are out working. Muslim women are usually grateful for the chance to socialize with others, as they are often culturally confined to their homes.

The Wonder Women often find that the Muslim women whom they meet are peace loving and that their hearts are open to Christ and His teaching. They also discover a surprising number who are secret believers.

Because most of the Wonder Women are former Muslims themselves, they know how to answer the many questions asked by both seeking and committed Muslims. Consequently, their ministry has been fruitful. Case in point: As part of its ministry, Bishara Mission Center offers Bible correspondence courses. Because of the Wonder Women, Bishara is receiving an increased number of applications for those courses.

Muslim women who confess Jesus as Lord face many hardships. Their fathers, brothers and uncles consider their conversion an act of apostasy and rebellion that justifies torture and even execution. Consequently, many converts remain secret believers or go into hiding. Thankfully, as another part of its ministry, Bishara Mission Center provides refuge and care for converts at its facility.

Muslim converts to Christ who are single face a special challenge when they are of marriageable age. The majority of marriages in India are arranged by parents or other influential family members, but former Muslims find themselves rejected by their fathers and mothers. So, you guessed it—arranging marriages of Muslim converts is yet another ministry that is provided by Bishara Mission Center!

God chose women to be the first to proclaim the good news of Jesus’ resurrection (Mark 16:7). In South India, courageous women are still carrying that same good news!

The Bigger Picture:

Evangelism targeting Muslim women is a relatively new frontier. In Southern India, only about 30% of Muslims who turn to Christ are women. Much of this is due to the restrictions placed on women in the Muslim community. Because of your gifts to the Muslim-Background Believers Fund, Heaven’s Family is helping Bishara Mission Center fulfill its calling to reach Muslims, male and female, for Christ. Muslims are finding new life in Christ, refuge from persecution, and discipleship training—and then they are being sent out to reach others with the gospel.

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