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February 2011 Issue

Little Woman, Big God

The National Missionary Fund at Work in Myanmar

David Growden, National Missionary Ministry


National missionary, Dah Eh

“Lord, You are the healer of this girl. Heal her and she will come to know You are the God of gods and Savior of the people’s lives.” As Dah Eh prayed, atheist Mah Za felt the Lord heal her body of its terminal disease. She immediately gave her life to Him.

Diminutive Dah Eh of Myanmar doesn’t fit the image of a typical Heaven’s Family-sponsored missionary, but she has four years of Bible college on her resumé, and she is credentialed by the Holy Spirit. One day her ministry took her to the village home of Mah Za, who had been told there was no hope of recovery from the deadly sickness that plagued her body. Fear seized her, and she couldn’t stop crying at the thought of soon passing into eternity. When petite and quiet Dah Eh arrived at her doorstep, she brought her big God—and a life was saved from death and hell.

According to Dah Eh, “love and prayer” are the two pillars of her ministry. Perhaps that’s because she’s no stranger to hardship. Just 29 years old, she’s the youngest of 10 children. In 2008, Cyclone Nargis pummeled Myanmar’s southern delta, sweeping away her family’s home and livestock. In the aftermath of the storm, her father’s health declined and he died within a year. Dah Eh’s older siblings had married and moved away years before, so she was left alone to care for her aging mother.

When my wife and I met Dah Eh in 2009, we fell in love with her, and couldn’t resist the urge to sponsor her ourselves each month. She sends us reports as often as she can—although the villages in the delta where she serves are far from mailboxes and internet cafés. Most of those villages can be reached only by boat. Local churches sometimes help Dah Eh pay for renting a boat for her missionary ventures, but she has been praying to have a boat of her own so she can spread the gospel to even more villages. Her prayers were answered just a few weeks ago through a special gift from Heaven’s Family.


Two new believers in Christ that are the fruit of Dah Eh’s ministry

Dynamite sometimes comes in small packages, and little Dah Eh is making a big difference with the power of her all-powerful God. To sponsor your very own national missionary, see the “Bigger Picture” below.

The Bigger Picture:

David Growden, director of Heaven’s Family’s National Missionary Fund, has a waiting list of worthy national missionaries who need monthly support. Depending on where they serve, national missionaries in many developing nations need only $50 to $200 per month for their living expenses. You can get a “share” of a national missionary for just $25 per month. Start your sponsorship today by sending your first monthly sponsorship gift of any increment of $25 to the National Missionary Fund by clicking the link below. David Growden will be in touch with you to tell you about your national missionary from whom you will begin receiving personal email updates approximately every month.

Support a national missionary


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