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December 2012 Issue

Mission Impossible

The Muslim-Background Believers Fund at Work in India

David Warnock, Persecuted Christians Ministry


Cover names and a cover photo have been used to ensure the safety of our co-laborers

“In this region of India, as many as 10,000 Muslims have departed from Islam and converted to Christianity. So, Shaheem, we want you to thoroughly study the Bible so that you can persuade as many as you can to return to Islam.”

That was the mission that “Shaheem” received from his Islamic superiors, who were confident that they had the right man for the job. After nine years of secular schooling coupled with ten years of religious studies based on the Qur’an, Shaheem entered college for eleven years of additional Islamic studies. At the end of it all, he was a respected Islamic scholar and an Imam of a prestigious Mosque and Islamic college who routinely led the community in worship and taught more than 180 students. Surely, if anyone could steer the wayward Muslims back to the faith, it would be Shaheem. For that reason, he was told to study the Bible.

One of Shaheem’s first targets was “Aakeel,” a Christian convert with whom Heaven’s Family partners. God has used Aakeel over the years to win thousands of Muslims to Christ, making him a person whom Muslim leaders are eager to pull back into their fold. Shaheem thought that if Aakeel could be persuaded to return to worshipping Allah of Islam, many under his influence would follow him.

So he met with Aakeel and got to know him a little. The two men exchanged books—each hoping to convert the other.

Shaheem read the books Aakeel gave him, and he also read the Bible from cover to cover—six times. He had many questions for Aakeel at their second meeting, questions which had stumped his fellow Islamic scholars. Aakeel’s answers, however, made sense, prompting Shaheem to read the Bible yet another time.

Meetings between the two men became more frequent, and Shaheem’s original mission was lost in his search for truth. “Aakeel lead me to the right path,” Shaheem later said, “and after many months I decided to be a firm believer and a follower of Jesus Christ.”

Of course, Shaheem has since become a target of persecution, and he and his family had to relocate. He is now enrolled in Bible School with the intention of serving our Lord in ministry. Knowing that he has the potential to influence thousands of Muslims towards Jesus, Heaven’s Family is hoping to help Shaheem with his Bible School tuition and simple living expenses. If you’d like to help, see A Special Note from David below.


We might be tempted to think that Muslim scholars and other high-ranking Islamic leaders are too lost to ever listen to and respond to the gospel. Thankfully, as Shaheem’s story reminds us, there is no mission that is impossible with God! By supporting the work of Aakeel through Heaven’s Family’s Muslim-Background Believers Fund, many of you have had a hand in the miraculous salvation of Shaheem, whose conversion has the potential to bring many other Muslims to Christ. Now cut off from his former support as an Imam, Shaheem needs $195 per month to help him with school fees and expenses. If you’d like to help with any amount, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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