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October 2011 Issue


The Books for Pastors Fund at Work in Pakistan

David Warnock, Disciple Multiplication Ministry


Pakistani Catholic nuns with Urdu copies of TDMM

When I first read Samuel’s report, I had to read it again to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood it. Could it really be true that a Roman Catholic bishop had just requested 400 copies of The Disciple-Making Minister? Nuns would be using it for their daily devotions?

In our January magazine, we told you about Samuel, a Pakistani pastor who came to Christ from a Muslim background. When he discovered David Servant’s pastor-training manual, The Disciple-Making Minister, on our ShepherdServe.org website in his native language of Urdu, he printed out all 500 pages. Then he began using it to teach his Bible school students.

Let me tell you some of what has happened since our January report.

As director of the Books for Pastors Fund, I regularly work with our international contacts to facilitate the translating, printing, and distribution of The Disciple-Making Minister to hungry pastors and Christian leaders in poor nations. When I learned that Samuel was already passionate about making disciples and yoked with others throughout Pakistan who are doing the same, I encouraged him to have the Urdu translation printed in book form.

Samuel immediately went to work gathering competitive book printing quotes. Within a few weeks, 2,000 newly-printed copies were being delivered to his house.

The ink had barely dried when Samuel began distributing the books.

He delivered 35 copies to an international Bible college that is now using the book as part of their curriculum.

Samuel delivered a single copy to a Muslim leader of a mosque who has been inquisitive about Christianity. After reading much of the book, he told Samuel that he had never before read such wonderful teaching from the Bible! (Pray for that man!)

Samuel also traveled to five Pakistani cities, delivering 300 books to pastors and church leaders.

The most surprising group of recipients, however, were Catholic nuns whom Samuel had befriended. Samuel told us that they were very excited to receive the book because it addressed so many topics they wanted to learn more about. They decided to use The Disciple-Making Minister in their daily devotional meetings. They even shared it with their priest and their bishop. The bishop, in turn, requested 400 copies. (Pray for that man, too!)


A few of the many Pakistani Christian leaders who were happy to receive a copy of TDMM

Samuel’s book distribution is stirring excitement among Pakistani believers who desire to make disciples. What a thrill it will be in heaven when we find out how an investment of a few dollars through the Books for Pastors Fund changed lives in some hidden corner of the world! Thanks for co-laboring with us.


We now have enthusiastic co-laborers eager to distribute The Disciple-Making Minister in their native languages in the three most Muslim-populated countries in the world—Indonesia, Pakistan and India. Every $3.00 contributed to the Books for Pastors Fund puts a copy into the hands of a devoted minister of the gospel.

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