Heaven's Family Magazine
January 2012 Issue

Rice & A Blanket

The Food Fund at Work in Myanmar

David Servant, Food Ministry


We receive a continual stream of photos from our partners around the world as they inform us of pressing needs that are being met through funds we’ve entrusted to them. We always request that they send us photos of smiling beneficiaries, but coaxing smiles is not always easy or appropriate, and we sometimes receive poignant portraits like this one. When we read the stories behind such portraits, it causes us to pause and pray. Here’s the story behind this photo….

Gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Fund provided a 110-pound bag of rice for mother Won Khan Daung of Myanmar. Most of her meager daily income is spent on medication for her disabled daughter, and she told our partner who delivered the rice that they had never had a full bag of rice in their lives. She also told him that, because of the rice blessing, she would be able to afford to purchase a much-needed winter blanket for herself and her daughter.

We received almost 300 photos at the same time from our partner in Myanmar, photos that chronicled his distribution of several tons of rice to needy Christian families just prior to Christmas. Those photos were accompanied by more heart-touching stories of how God provided, through our Food Fund, just in the nick of time, for widows, orphans, and struggling believers. As you look at the photos below that he sent to us, enjoy the smiles of brothers and sisters in Christ who are giving thanks to God that they, too, are members of heaven’s family…



Every month, Heaven’s Family’s Food Fund is supplying nourishment for needy believers thanks to compassionate donors. 100% of their gifts are used to purchase food. Jesus will one day say to them, “I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat” (Matt. 25:35). Please consider making a monthly gift to the Food Fund that is automatically withdrawn from your bank account or charged to your credit card.

Provide food for the poor


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Residents of Zatual Village in Myanmar (see above article) were intensely interested in HF staff member David Warnock’s photos of snow, something they will never encounter in their tropical climate.

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