No Food Today…Again

Picture of David

No Food Today…Again

4-year-old David only eats one meal a day…on a good day. You can change that. By giving up just one lunch per month, you can provide one lunch each school day for David or one of his friends for an entire month.

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Picture of girls in Africa

An Impossible Choice

Who eats today and who goes hungry? That’s one of the impossibly hard choices faced by many impoverished families, living on the brink of starvation, each and every day.

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Feeding Jesus

It's easy to see how Shainah-Mae's bubbly, upbeat personality brightens every room she walks into...But behind her sunny smile, Shainah-Mae (pronounced shine-a-may) hides a dark, painful secret we had yet to discover.

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Food Ministry

Some of Angela's friends beg for food on the street. But this beautiful 11-year-old is blessed to be able to attend school, enjoy a healthier diet, and receive care when she's sick---all because she is sponsored by Hope House, a Christian ministry based right in her slum community in the Philippines.

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Hunger Is No Game

Sometimes poverty can be so crushing that families literally watch their children starve to death before their eyes—powerless to do anything about it. The youngest are the most vulnerable.

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Fire in Alaska

Fire spread quickly from one shanty house to another in a slum community named Alaska in the Philippine city of Cebu. That's because poor city residents tend to be squatters who pack into small areas of public land and build makeshift homes from whatever scraps of wood, plastic, cardboard and corrugated metal sheets they can find.

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Mr. Li Loses His Limp

The disabled, the displaced and the demon possessed—just the kind of people Jesus hung out with—are showing up for a street ministry to the homeless in Kunming, China. And the Food Ministry is there providing nutritious, hot food so that the people will listen to the gospel being preached. In addition to food and the message about Jesus, the team sings praise songs, distributes clothes, and prays personally for those who come.

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