With a tiny friend in Myanmar

A Note from David

What can one person do? That’s a great question that Diane Scott answers in her article this month. Its a story of a faith-filled ten-year-old girl in Alabama named Eva. Eva had faith to provide safe water for an entire village in Tanzania.

What is the secret to Eva’s faith? Eva figured out that God cares for the “least of these,” and that He wants to serve them through those whom He has blessed. For Eva it was as simple as that. And so her faith went to work.

Let the story of Eva’s faith inspire you to trust God to be even more of a blessing than you already are. According to Jesus, all things are possible to him who believes! — David

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Parting Shot: Domino's Delivers...in Pakistan

David Warnock snapped this shot of something that is very common all over Asia…pizza delivery via motorcycle!

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