Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Critical Medical Needs Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

01 Jun

Saved Again

Unless the doctors perform head surgery, he has only a 15% chance to live. That bleak prognosis, sent to me by Heaven's Family national missionary Khamh Thang, chilled my soul. I prayed right then for Van Lal Sawma, a 23-year-old I had never met, but whose desperate situation now gripped my heart.

01 Oct

A Desperate Cry

"God, if you are there, can you end my suffering?" That was the anguished cry of 20-year-old Miriam Nduwimana of Burundi, East Africa. She had endured almost unimaginable suffering. It began two years earlier when Burundi was embroiled in bloody tribal warfare. Miriam and her two younger sisters witnessed the slaughter of their other family members. They survived their nation's holocaust by fleeing to neighboring DR Congo.