Expedition to help Dora

Image of twins after receiving surgery

Successful surgery for twins

The four-year-old twins in the photo, Maria and Zainab, were born in May 2018 in Sierra Leone with both of their femurs bowing. They were diagnosed with Blount's disease. Thankfully, it was fixable! With surgery, both girls would be able to walk normally. But the girls' father earns just $120 a month as a teacher, making the $8,000 cost of the two surgeries completely unaffordable for their family.

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Image of child in Guatemala with medical need smiling

Rescued from the brink

Our ministry partner in Guatemala found Kevin lying alone at home crying, with a leaky diaper and soaking wet clothes. He suffers from severe cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia and was very malnourished. His family often left him alone during the day. The scars on his lungs suggest that they may even have tried to kill him with dangerous chemicals to relieve themselves of the burden of feeding him.

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Picture of Carolyne’s before and after surgery

Better late than never

Carolyne first noticed a lump on her chest in 2016. But she didn’t go to the doctor because she couldn’t afford it. She and her husband have seven children and just meeting their basic, daily needs is a struggle. Over time, the lump grew drastically and caused Carolyne severe pain.

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Picture of tumor on Josephine's neck

A normal neck changes everything

Josephine Simiyu, 55, endured more than a decade of suffering and embarrassment due to a large growth protruding from the left side of her neck (see photo). She had no choice but to live with pain because she could not afford to pay for a medical examination.

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Picture of baby with keloids after being burned

Scars With a Testimony

The sounds of joyful laughing filled the air as little children played, innocent and carefree. Unbeknownst to anyone present, danger lurked right around the corner. Three-year-old Vivian didn't see it—she was playing with her friends. And the neighbor hadn't seen Vivian running towards it.

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