Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Food Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

22 Apr

Fire in Alaska

Fire spread quickly from one shanty house to another in a slum community named Alaska in the Philippine city of Cebu. That's because poor city residents tend to be squatters who pack into small areas of public land and build makeshift homes from whatever scraps of wood, plastic, cardboard and corrugated metal sheets they can find.

28 Mar

Mr. Li Loses His Limp

The disabled, the displaced and the demon possessed—just the kind of people Jesus hung out with—are showing up for a street ministry to the homeless in Kunming, China. And the Food Ministry is there providing nutritious, hot food so that the people will listen to the gospel being preached. In addition to food and the message about Jesus, the team sings praise songs, distributes clothes, and prays personally for those who come.

01 Mar

Food Ministry

David looked thin and sickly. Intestinal worms consumed most of the meager nutrition he received from the scraps he found at home or elsewhere. As is often the case in the slums of developing nations, David's family simply could not care for him.

11 Feb

A Tip that Turned Manuel

"Will you take him in?" the social worker asked. "His mother is in jail and his stepfather [in reality his mom's live-in boyfriend] won't take him," she continued. Nicole, our Heaven's Family missionary to Mexico agreed, as she usually does…God will provide are the words she lives by. The social worker had received a tip earlier about a little boy living on the streets, and knew that Nicole had a soft heart, and hopefully a bed.

30 Dec

Blossoming Babies

An average 300 babies are abandoned every day in Kenya. Peter and Selpher Matua, of the Baby Life Rescue Center in the city of Mombasa, have been called by the Lord to care for these unclaimed precious babies. The center provides these formerly unwanted children with love, Christian nurture and healthy food while adoptive parents are sought.