Heaven's Family Magazine
September 2014 Issue

The National Missionary Fund

Special Issue: India Pictorial

Jody Walker, National Missionary Ministry

Prayer Before Baptism: Geetha was born into a low caste Hindu family in Northern India. She and her entire family turned to Jesus after prayer by local believers resulted in Geetha’s mother being healed from a long-standing sickness and delivered from demonic oppression. Geetha has become a bold witness for the Lord as she has been discipled by Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Ashok Masihi. Through our National Missionary sponsors, Heaven’s Familycurrently assists 47 church planters in 10 nations.

Converted from Hinduism in 1982, Pastor K. Satynonbow received this bicycle from Heaven’s Family this year, along with 29 other pastors. His bicycle will extend his ministry beyond the 15 miles he previously walked to serve his church members. Heaven’s Family has been blessed to gift thousands of bicycles to church planting pastors around the world.

We’ve helped hundreds of Indian pastors by giving them lanterns so they can preach the gospel and make disciples after the sun goes down in remote villages without electricity.

Although not an outreach of the National Missionary Fund, we’ve also served Indian pastors by printing and distributing in India over 20,000 copies of David Servant’s book, The Disciple-Making Minister, in six languages: Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu.

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The 21 Focused Funds of Heaven's Family

We’re here to serve you as you serve the “least of these” among our spiritual family, not just in India, but around the world. To that end, our staff administrates 21 Focused Funds so that you can target those whom the Lord lays on your heart. For more details visit HeavensFamily.org/focused-funds.

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