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September 2014 Issue

The Safe Water Fund

Special Issue: India Pictorial

Diane Scott, Safe Water Ministry

Blessing Those Who Curse Them: Heaven’s Family funded this well for Christians in Budamaha, Orissa after the local Hindu authorities declared that the village well was off-limits to Christians. But when the Hindu-only well went dry, the believers capitalized on their opportunity to return good for evil! Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Fund serves thirsty members of our spiritual family around the world, providing wells, cisterns and water filters.

At Left: Using kidney dialysis technology, the 0.1-micron pores of Sawyer water filters strain out all bacteria, protozoa, and cysts like E.Coli, Cholera and Typhoid. One $50 filter lasts for years and can purify almost 300 gallons a day, meeting the needs of many families. We’ve distributed hundreds in India and other nations, and they’ve opened doors for the gospel.

At Right: Because Hindus in some regions of India sometimes prohibit Christians from using village wells, we fund wells that are installed near churches—which Christians share with everyone.

The water well at a church in rural Chhattisgarh, funded by Heaven’s Family, provides an abundance of water. Previously, the villagers walked to a small surface stream to retrieve water that was contaminated and insufficient.

Brightly dressed women press in to fill their jugs with pure water from the newly installed community well that serves 1,600 souls in Andhra Pradesh. Their previous water source was a polluted river 1.5 miles away, used by both people and animals.

Help provide safe drinking water for impoverished Christians


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