Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Prison & Rehab Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

31 Oct

A Match Made at Heaven’s Family

It’s official! The Prison Ministry Fund has joined together with the Drug Rehab Fund to create the Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund. It’s a match made in heaven, meant to better serve our brothers and sisters struggling to restart their lives in prison, or deliver them from the bondage of addiction. By combining these two funds we can reduce administrative costs and maximize the effectiveness of your contributions. Our contacts, who have been ministering directly on our behalf with disbursements from these two funds, have very similar goals and challenges. And many drug addicts end up in prison, while many inmates are in prison because of drug-related crimes.

09 Jul

Dorms for Disciples

Omar Cortez Flores, our national missionary and prison minister Dear Friends, Jesus left us with the commission and command to “Go and make disciples.” That’s exactly what we are doing in Tulancingo, Mexico. One of our Heaven’s Family-supported national missionaries, Omar Cortez Flores, is busy […]

07 Mar

Jesus Lives in Goma [David’s 6th and Final Blog from East Africa]

It is always amazing to see children, who live under the world’s worst circumstances, smiling. Six of our eight team members traveled overland from Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo–or the DRC for short. Right across Rwanda’s border is the city of Goma, a […]

01 Aug

Lalo’s New High

It was a new low for the one they called Lalo. Born Eduardo Gutierrez Del Angel of Pachuca, Mexico, Lalo had already lived more than a dozen years in drunkenness. But this night, as he lay in a rat-infested abandoned building, he awoke from his stupor to find a stray dog trying to eat his eye out. When I heard that awful detail, I couldn't help but notice the scar under his left eye. Lalo confessed that was one more night when he contemplated suicide.