Woman, Widow, Warrior

Picture of Gael with her children

More Precious Than Gold

Questions about her father’s identity dominated Gael's mind as she grew up in DR Congo. The desire to know him rose as she grew, but her mother insisted on keeping this a secret forever. Gael's heart yearned with the most basic of human longings: to be loved by her daddy.

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Women in DR Congo

Triumph Over Shame

The bright colors and smiling faces of these young women in DR Congo exude contagious joy! Though they have endured pain and shame at the deepest level, they have made the choice to rise up and believe that they can have a future and a hope, despite the toughest odds a woman in Africa can face.

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Picture of girls in Kenya enjoying pizza

Pizza Party!

Multiple faces squished together and crowded the center of my camera’s viewfinder. Feet clad with shoes purchased by many of you triggered raucous laughter and excitement in the courtyard at Cindi’s Hope in Nairobi, Kenya. Oh, and it was also Pizza Party Day! …A treat we came to provide along with ice cream, seldom experienced by these kids.

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Picture of 7-year old Gabriella who emptied her life savings to give a wheelchair to a child in Africa

Gabriella’s Gift

When Gabriella learned of the plight of the poor in Africa and how Jesus has called us to give to those in need, her 7-year-old heart was moved to action. She made the choice to empty her life's savings and mailed it to Heaven’s Family as an act of love for Jesus and obedience to His Word. She didn't realize how much her gift was about to change a life!

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