Washing Persecution Away


Washing Persecution Away

Lydia (name changed to protect her identity) cried when the Hindu priest cursed her and her sister. He even tried to beat them. Lydia and her sister’s crime? They had shared the gospel of Jesus in their north Indian village.

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Image of villagers in Malawi with safe water

“Water! Woop, Woop!”

Jalasoni, Malawi is a rural, impoverished village that has long suffered due to the lack of clean water to drink. Now, the deep well that you have made possible is providing safe water to the community. The people are rejoicing because they are now enjoying clean drinking water and better health!

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Image of Indian villagers with safe water

Clean Water During COVID

Two years ago, people came to a rural village in India and shared the gospel. They faced severe persecution, but when God started working in the villagers’ lives through healings and deliverances, others started believing in Jesus and the church began to grow.

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Picture of people in Nigeria filling their containers with clean water

Fill ‘er up

Gurunkparu, Nigeria is a remote village with little development. Our ministry partners have been reaching out to this mostly Muslim village for years to bring them the Good News. They successfully established a church and a school, but the people still had a big daily need—they were drinking filthy water that made them sick.

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Villagers in Malawi enjoying clean water

Overflowing Joy

Likuchira is a poor, rural village in Malawi. Previously, its residents walked a very long distance to fetch dirty, contaminated water from hand-dug wells and open streams. Many villagers had gotten sick or died from drinking the filthy water.

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Picture of child in South Sudan drinking clean water

Abundant Life

Water was a huge problem for the people of Kwaria, an impoverished village in South Sudan. There is a growing church-planting and disciple-making movement among the Toposa ethnic group who live here. Christian disciples from this village have started more than 10 Bible study groups in neighboring villages.

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