Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

01 Oct

Neverland in Naivasha

We could hear their cherub voices singing praises before we even laid eyes on them. They were the students at Cindi's Hope Academy in Naivasha, Kenya. Then came the rush to surround us, faces beaming with eagerness to greet their visitors, and then to lead us excitedly to the new highlight of their campus: bright, new playground equipment!

28 Aug

Here to Serve Them, and You

Widows are made when husbands die prematurely. In their absence, women and children in poor nations are often left with nothing—no money for rent, medicine or even food. No government assistance ever comes. Other "widows," such as Miriam in the photo above, are made when husbands leave their families for other women, or to pursue lives of crime or drugs—or all of the above.

01 Mar

Victims of Sexual Violence Fund

Over the past few decades, armies of men have been fighting in East Africa's wars, taking millions of lives and displacing millions more. Rape has now also become a weapon of war. Many victims find themselves infected with AIDS or pregnant, carrying offspring of the "enemy." Married victims are cast off by their husbands. Unmarried victims are marked and spurned for life. All find themselves rejected by their families and local communities, casualties of war. The brutality has become so epidemic that Eastern Congo has been labeled the "rape capital of the world" by a U.N. Special Representative.

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