Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Disaster Relief Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

01 Jun

Love Boat

Six months ago, Cyclone Giri swept across the western coast of Myanmar with 155-mph winds, claiming several thousand lives. Now, as our weathered 40-foot cargo boat chugged slowly up the Laymyo River, I was witnessing the cyclone's devastation with my own eyes. Hills, once blanketed with lush tropical vegetation, were scoured clean except for a few battered, solitary trees. The skeletal frames of former homes stood as silent reminders of the storm's raging fury.

14 Jan

Good News from Pakistan

Haquri and her husband, with blankets from Heaven’s Family, are now keeping warm during cold Pakistani nights Dear Friends, When Samuel, our ministry partner in Pakistan, sent photos of how Heaven’s Family is helping Pakistani flood victims this winter, I was happy to see a […]

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