Food For The Fearful


Lost & Found

Evans, a young boy from Haiti, was displaced early this year due to the civil unrest and gang warfare happening in Haiti. In the middle of the night, a violent gang seized his village, forcing Evans and his family to flee their home. With no jobs, money, or a home to live in, he and his family had no option other than to sleep on the streets.

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Image of woman receiving aid

Light in the Darkness

Your support has brought light to a communist-controlled island off the coast of Florida (for security reasons, we cannot disclose the name). The communities that live under this extreme communist regime are crippled by poverty with little hope of a better life. Due to COVID lockdowns, many already struggling families were on the brink of starvation. But through your generosity, we were able to provide essential food and medicine to some of the neediest individuals across the island.

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Image of mom and child in Guatemala receiving food aid

A Veritable Lifeline

Guatemala was already suffering from high malnutrition rates, but during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the numbers have continued to skyrocket. Because of you, 100 children are receiving packets of food to help supplement their nutrition. Here is one testimony...

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