Devastating Floods Hit Laos

Picture of disaster in Malawi

Relief Comes to Malawi and Mozambique

Will it stop?? That’s what I’ve been thinking in March and early April as 3 separate cyclones (hurricanes) pommeled the southeastern coast of Africa—particularly Mozambique and Malawi, two of the poorest countries on earth.

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Picture of flooding in Malawi from Cyclone

Disaster Strikes Malawi—Again

Just three days ago I reported to you about some very poor brothers and sisters in Malawi who lost their homes to a cyclone last fall, and how you helped through the Disaster Relief Ministry. But as I write (March 14), another cyclone (Idai) is ripping across Malawi, deluging that small, poor African nation with rain. The very morning my report hit your inbox, I received a disturbing email from the same partner in Malawi, telling me heavy rains from that cyclone were, at that moment, flooding vast lowland areas of the country, severely damaging or destroying homes, meager possessions, food supplies, and taking dozens of lives.

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Following Fuego's volcanic eruption in Guatemala

Volcanic Crisis in Guatemala

As of this writing, 75 are dead and 200 are missing. Unlike the Hawaiian eruption, its Guatemalan cousin's has been explosive, pouring millions of tons of ash into the air and onto surrounding communities, many of which are extremely poor.

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Women in Laos with rice bags

A Win-Win-Win for the Gospel

If you read Part One of my report about our disaster response in the Southeast Asian country of Laos, you learned how a small, localized natural disaster swept away an entire year’s worth of recently-harvested rice in one night. Now I want to tell you the rest of the story…

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