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March 2017 Issue

Books for Discipleship Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Peter Wray, Disciple Multiplication Ministry

Angel Velazquez helps oversee several house churches in rural Mexico. He couldn’t afford seminary training, so TDMM has been of great value to him

Imagine being charged with pastoring a small church in rural Mexico that’s too poor to pay you, forcing you to work most days to feed your family rather than study God’s Word to feed your flock. Continue to imagine that you were saved at a revival meeting and no one discipled you afterwards, and you possessed neither the time or money to go to Bible school or seminary.

The Disciple-Making Minister was written for just such a pastor—and thousands of other pastors in similar circumstances around the world.

David Servant, the book’s author, says these words in the introduction:

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to over forty nations of the world to speak to tens of thousands of ministers at three- to five-day conferences. Those conferences have been attended by dedicated Christian leaders from many different denominations and streams within the body of Christ. Every trip has confirmed that three- to five-day conferences are simply not sufficient to meet the needs that exist. So much more needs to be done to equip Christian leaders, and this book is an effort to fill the gap a little bit more.

God’s call to go and make disciples is the purpose of both the book and the Books for Discipleship Ministry. Christian leaders throughout the world are grateful for the biblical clarity and understanding they find in this book—something most of them say is in short supply in their own language. Its many topics both encourage and assist them as they model and teach their flocks.

Two translation projects are nearing completion—one into Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia, which is spoken by 25 million people, and the other is for the 20 million Fulani people scattered across parts of West Africa.

Most visitors to Heaven’s Family’s teaching website, DavidServant.org, live in a non-Western nation, and come to read one of the 33 online translations of TDMM. Readers have come from every country except two (access to Christian websites are currently blocked by those governments).

The Books for Discipleship Ministry has proven to be a great blessing, helping Christian leaders focus on our Lord’s call to make disciples and giving them confidence as they build God’s kingdom around the globe.

We’re thankful to those who’ve partnered with us in this critical work!

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