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March 2017 Issue

Education Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

J. Ware, Education Ministry

The now-joyful Nagabos family redeemed through Jesus and blessed with a bright future

Imagine being faced with the decision to either send your child to school or feed your family. This is the reality for families around the world. In the most poverty-stricken communities in developing nations, a child is often required to beg and sell common items on the streets to supplement her family’s meager income—rather than attend school.

Convincing parents of the long-term benefit of sending their child to school instead of the short-term gain of sending him to beg is sometimes a difficult task. Carolyne, a principal in one of the schools the Education Ministry serves, gets angry when she talks about how the cycle of poverty robs children of an education.

This compassionate woman regularly visits child street vendors to see if she can convince them to attend her school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya—a blessing she can offer them for free thanks to child sponsors from the Education Ministry.

One such conversation had a surprising outcome. As she visited with a child vendor named Timothy Nangabos she found out that his circumstances were even more dire than most. Timothy’s mother died from AIDS and his father was deathly ill and bedridden, unable to work. Timothy was left in charge of his two brothers, and all three of them spent their days on the street earning a meager income that barely kept them fed. When Timothy told Carolyne of his plight she asked him to take her to the hospital where she prayed for Timothy’s father. He was miraculously healed and he and his three sons all gave their lives to Jesus!

Now Timothy and his brothers Samuel and Joshua no longer have to beg for survival, because they finally have their father back. The Nangabos family has witnessed a complete life transformation thanks to Christ, one school principal who is consistently faithful to His will, and all our Education Ministry partners who help make Carolyne’s ministry possible.

In 2016 we worked in 13 countries—Zambia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Uganda, Philippines, Rwanda, Malawi, DR Congo, Tanzania and Cambodia, touching the lives of over 2,000 students just like Timothy and his brothers. Through individualized educational solutions and clear presentations of the gospel, we have seen children prosper and whole families come to true saving faith. We’re excited about the lives we can together change in 2017!

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