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March 2017 Issue

Persecuted Christians Ministry

Special Issue: 2016 Ministry Directors' Reports

Ben Croft, Persecuted Christians Ministry

The Persecuted Christians Ministry stands with our suffering brothers and sisters around the world. Together, we are committed to finding, reaching, and rescuing Christians in some of the darkest places on earth. Using a network of underground international contacts, the Persecuted Christians Ministry distributes emergency food, Bibles, and other essential resources to those in great need. We also provide underground discipleship through safe houses, and equip secret missionaries to take the message of the gospel deep into the strongholds of the enemy.

But we can’t do this without you. Your role in the great story of rescuing God’s beloved bride matters!

Last year generous donors offered hope to men and women like…

•  Gabriel, a hero risking the continual dangers of being in a war zone, who journeys inside Syria each month on our behalf. He offers Christian families displaced by ISIS life-sustaining food, essential living supplies, discipleship, and the message that the church around the world remembers their plight.

• Ezekiel, an undercover church planter and evangelist in a North African city controlled by Islam, who offers young converts with similar stories of conversion a community of support as his small church grows. Ezekiel himself was beaten by his own family for believing in Jesus as his savior.

These are just two of the many men and women we serve who love Jesus more than their own lives, and because of this love courageously serve their fellow believers in the most anti-Christian environments in the world.

And in Colombia, overshadowed in the news because of ISIS and the Syrian crisis, we’ve helped believers being persecuted by the FARC. This guerrilla rebel group keeps communities in fear and persecutes Christians for the light they bring into the darkness. But because of Persecuted Christians Ministry partners like you, we’ve enabled a unique initiative to covertly provide Bibles, discipleship and encouragement to pastors in FARC-controlled areas. In the face of death, these brave pastors are laying their lives down to spread Christ’s light in their villages.

The persecution of Christians may be on the rise, but the efforts by us in the body of Christ to help our brothers and sisters in peril must never cease. Thank you for playing such a crucial role in this story.

Help meet the pressing needs of our persecuted brothers and sisters


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