A Full Mind, Belly, and Heart


A Full Mind, Belly, and Heart

Vanessa, a 6-year-old girl, lives in a rural Kenyan village where she shares a small one-room shack with her mother, father, and younger sister. She happily dresses in the same blue uniform each day and makes her way down the 1-mile path of red dirt road that she walks to school.

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Generations for Jesus

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Kenya to meet with various partners of the Education and Critical Medical Needs Ministries located there. The partners that I was able to visit have all been working for many years with Heaven's Family. It was such a blessing over the week-long time I was in Kenya, to be able to travel to meet with these partners, face to face, and to get to see the work they are doing on the ground.

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Image of students at school

An Education for Aneni

Aneni is a young girl from a rural farming town in Zimbabwe. Her village is very poor and many of the children's parents, such as Aneni's, cannot afford to pay the expensive fees required to send their children to school.

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A Backpack For A Bright Future

Meet Daniela, a young girl living in Guatemala. She always dreamed of going to school, but it seemed impossible for her and her siblings. In Guatemala, children need school supplies, uniforms, and tuition money to attend classes. For Daniela's poor family, these expenses were a luxury they couldn't afford.

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Going Bananas at School

James's parents died when he was a baby. Since then, his grandmother has been providing for him. She is elderly, though, and has struggled to earn enough money to keep her grandson's tummy full.

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Image of Ceci with school supplies

Great Education in Guatemala

Thank you for your generosity in supporting and equipping 65 precious children with school supplies. These children were really excited to know that you are creating opportunities for them in Guatemala.

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Image of Brenda before being rescued

Catching Up!

You'd never guess it, but in the above picture, Brenda was not yet rescued. She was participating in a feeding program in Guatemala supported by Heaven's Family. As our partner organization worked with her, it became apparent that Brenda was being abused. Instead of seeing progress with her, the partner saw that she was continuing to be malnourished, that her hair was falling out, and that the orange tint in what should have been black hair was not going away.

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Image of Joseph in Guatemala

Smiling despite the stench

A minefield of dog feces and a diarrhea-filled diaper were just a few of the items we had to tiptoe around today to get to young Joseph's home. For outsiders like us, the stench of the slum where eight-year-old Joseph lives was extremely potent. Joseph, however, is accustomed to the smell. His family has lived in this slum, which sits right next to Guatemala's largest garbage dump, for generations. But that generational cycle will end with Joseph, thanks in part to you!

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Image of mother and daughter in Guatemala

No Longer Down in the Dumps

You'd never guess that Sharon used to work at the city dump in Guatemala. Along with the other pickers, she would search through the mounds of trash left behind by the garbage trucks—looking for something she could sell to earn a living, or some food scraps she could salvage to feed her daughter and herself. The work was dangerous and Sharon has many scars—physical as well as emotional. She longed for a better future for her daughter.

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Image of student in Kenya with uniform

Happy to Learn

Adlight Sululuw was born in 2008 in a remote village of Saboti, Kenya. Her father died when she was six years old, leaving her mother as the sole breadwinner for Adlight and her three siblings. Her mom sent her to a Heaven’s Family-supported school in Kenya, hoping that Adlight could receive a high-quality education.

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