14 Baptisms in Nepal

The group of Nepali believers who were recently baptized
14 Nepali new believers who were baptized in April

Dear Friends,

Every month, we receive incredible reports from our brothers and sisters who are serving God in some of the most hostile, unreached parts of the world. They tell of persecutions, beatings, miraculous healings, and new believers repenting and being baptized for forgiveness of their sins (Acts 2:38).

I’d like to share with you a report of one such missionary, Timothy Rai, who is serving in Nepal…

We have been running a fellowship at Kot Timal from last one year, 140 kilometer far from Kathmandu city. But from last 2 weeks landlord and local people have been creating problem. On 12 of May those local people tried to attack our church leader over there but they did not. On 13 of May morning they called a meeting in the police station and gave a strong notice to close down the church within a week. Police and landlord also supporting them. Kot Timal is fully Buddhist dominated village. Kindly pray that may our dear Lord take the action and change the hearts of those people…

On 28 of April 12 young boys and girls, and a man and a woman took the water baptism. 7 were from Kathmandu church and 7 were from Kushadevi church. Glory be to God! Kindly cover them in your prayer of faith so that they may follow Christ constantly and grow spiritually. Because after baptism due to trials and temptation many turn back to their old religion…they have to face so many persecution and their family members give them pressure to practice their ritual things.

Two of the believers standing in a river preparing for baptism
Among those baptized were Songeeta Sherpa (left), a teenage girl from a strong Buddhist background, and Dinesh Rai (right), another teenager who came to Christ last year and who is ostracized by his Hindu family for his strong faith in Christ

We have several missionaries, like Timothy Rai, who are currently unsponsored. The National Missionary Fund exists to come alongside faithful national missionaries to help them reach their own people with the gospel. If you want to know more about linking your life with one of these very worthy ambassadors of Christ, please send me an email at [email protected].

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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