Cooking in Kenya

Picture of Kenyan widow and her family in new house


When our partners in Saboti, Kenya, recently sent me the above photo of Judith Simiyu and her children Derick, Vivian, and Fiona, tears of joy came to my eyes. Only a few months earlier, I had received a very sad photo of them (below) after Judith’s husband, Bishop Mark Mukenya, died of anemia.

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Picture of widow in makeshift hut in Uganda

The Lord’s Restoration Army

I never imagined this day would come. Oh, I remembered hearing about the heinous Joseph Kony and his blasphemously-named Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) many years ago, and of the countless atrocities that were being committed by him during Northern Uganda’s civil war. But now I was actually meeting a victim of this brutal warlord.

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Picture of widows

A Busy, Beautiful Summer

What a busy summer it’s been! Amid our annual Heaven’s Family Reunion in July, where I was blessed to meet some of you reading this, the Widows and Abandoned Women Ministry fulfilled a pressing need to build a home for 2 widows in Kaptembwa, Kenya, provided 9 widows in Sculeni, Moldova enough firewood for them to cook and heat their homes throughout the winter, purchased land and built homes for 2 widows from Saboti, Kenya, and provided sewing classes to enable 2 women—an abandoned young mother and an aging widow—to take care of their families.

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Picture of Elizabeth with her daughters in Kenya

Wonder-Working Wangui

I met Elizabeth Wangui last October during a three-month trip to Nakuru, Kenya. Wangui (as everyone calls her) had set up a sewing shop within her community and started a small fellowship, mostly filled with young children. The children were always popping in to talk to her and she began talking with them about Jesus.

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