Stitching a life back together

Picture of widow in makeshift hut in Uganda

The Lord’s Restoration Army

I never imagined this day would come. Oh, I remembered hearing about the heinous Joseph Kony and his blasphemously-named Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) many years ago, and of the countless atrocities that were being committed by him during Northern Uganda’s civil war. But now I was actually meeting a victim of this brutal warlord.

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Picture of widows

A Busy, Beautiful Summer

What a busy summer it’s been! Amid our annual Heaven’s Family Reunion in July, where I was blessed to meet some of you reading this, the Widows and Abandoned Women Ministry fulfilled a pressing need to build a home for 2 widows in Kaptembwa, Kenya, provided 9 widows in Sculeni, Moldova enough firewood for them to cook and heat their homes throughout the winter, purchased land and built homes for 2 widows from Saboti, Kenya, and provided sewing classes to enable 2 women—an abandoned young mother and an aging widow—to take care of their families.

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Picture of Elizabeth with her daughters in Kenya

Wonder-Working Wangui

I met Elizabeth Wangui last October during a three-month trip to Nakuru, Kenya. Wangui (as everyone calls her) had set up a sewing shop within her community and started a small fellowship, mostly filled with young children. The children were always popping in to talk to her and she began talking with them about Jesus.

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