You’ve Answered This Mother’s Prayers!

Picture of Syrian refugee baby drinking formula

You’ve Answered This Mother’s Prayers!

Baby Ali’s parents fled Syria a couple years ago when ISIS began to attack close to their home. They had no choice but to leave their land, home, job, and possessions all behind. They made the intense journey through the mountains and into Lebanon.

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North Korea is Listening

Did you know you are helping to share the gospel via radio inside North Korea? You are! Your donations to the Compassion Club have helped to launch a radio station that reaches the southwest portion of North Korea, including the capital of Pyongyang.

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Picture of undercover missionary in Taliban-controlled territory in Middle East

“Capturing” Taliban Spies

If you were given the opportunity to fund the covert ministry of a formerly homeless teenager who is now penetrating one of the world’s most dangerous Islamic militant groups with Christ’s liberating gospel, would you do it?

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Picture of farmer and Farming God's Way trainer from Africa

A Farmer Gets a Farm—Finally

This month you helped a farmer. Not an ordinary farmer, however, but a farmer who didn't have any land. Wait, what? How can you farm without land??? You can’t. And that was a problem.

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Picture of dirty drinking water in Africa

Death by Water

Water is like gold for the villagers who live in rural Kivera, Uganda, because it can become very scarce in the dry season. So scarce, in fact, that violence often broke out at the village’s single borehole when it would run dry each year.

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Picture of Christian ambulance in Pakistan

Your compassion on wheels!

Imagine with me... You’re a poor Christian living in Pakistan. You are in a terrible accident and desperately need medical attention. The ambulance, however, refuses to help you. Why? They say something like,You’re a Christian—and poor—you're not worth our time or effort. Sadly enough, your next stop might just be the morgue.

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Picture of video about Syrian Civil War and ISIS

You’ve been in Cambodia, China, Mexico and Kenya! [A Compassion Club Update]

Well, you haven’t been there physically, perhaps, but your compassion has. Here is a quick look at the many lives you’ve touched—and are continuing to touch—over the past several months because of your Compassion Club investments:

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