25 Years Since My Repentance…as a Pastor

Image of child in Uganda

25 Years Since My Repentance…as a Pastor

Ever since my repentance, as a pastor, about 25 years ago—a repentance that was precipitated by an honest reading of Matthew 25:31-46—I’ve been trying to serve those whom Jesus referred to as the “least of these.” During the same time, I've been continually burdened by the fact that most professing Christians do not have the “least of these” on their spiritual radar. For them, caring for the poor and marginalized among our spiritual family isn’t a component of their faith in Christ. But it should be. The New Testament makes that abundantly and overwhelmingly clear. It warns that, if we don’t care for the suffering poor among our spiritual family, we aren’t actually members of that spiritual family (see, for example, Matt. 25:31-46; 1 John 3:14-19). We don’t actually love Jesus!

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Image of farmer

French Beans Millionaire

I’m absolutely convinced that if more people learn what is happening in rural East Africa through Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way (FGW) and Disciple-Multiplication Ministries (DMM), they will become as excited about it as I am.

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Image of woman from Uganda

Poor No More!

Along with three other Heaven’s Family staff members, I just returned from a 12-day trip to three East African nations: Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. Although I've journeyed on as many as 100 similar overseas trips over the past 20 years of Heaven’s Family’s existence, this one may have been the most encouraging trip yet. The reason is because we witnessed so much transformation—both spiritually and materially—due to your investments.

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Image of missionary from Pakistan

Can God Use Women?

During the second half of our 12-day trip, first to Northern India and now Nepal, our Heaven's Family team has spent a lot of our time meeting with indigenous church planters who are making disciples in unreached areas, some of whom are supported through Heaven's Family's National Missionary Ministry. One of them is "Fatima," pictured above. She was born and raised in Balochistan, the largest and least populated of Pakistan's five provinces, that shares its borders with Iran and Afghanistan. Fatima traveled all the way from Pakistan to meet us in Nepal.

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Image of children from North India

From “Untouchables” to King’s Children

Greetings from an undisclosed region of North India. I can't reveal our exact location because it could put members of our spiritual family in danger of more persecution from their Hindu neighbors. But Heaven's Family, through its various ministries, has been working here for at least ten years. Myself and several staff members are visiting for a few days and checking up on projects (that some of you made possible!).

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Picture of impoverished boys in Cameroon

The Gospel Arrives at Mpembe

Today our motorized canoe took us on a two-hour trip downriver, all along a stretch of the Ngkoko where Bomwali people live in small, scattered settlements. During Colonial times, their ancestors fled from their ancestral home village in Congo to escape capture and slavery by European settlers, and they adapted to the isolated life that still characterizes them today. That isolation has kept them beyond the reach of the gospel—until just recently.

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Picture of girl in Cameroon holding glass of safe water

Bomwali Chief Dedicates His Tribe to God

Today I finally reached my first original destination, the small village of Malapa, accessible only via a 30-minute ride in a motorized canoe down the Ngoko River. As our canoe approached Malapa’s riverbank, its citizens were singing and dancing in celebration of our arrival. Just a few months ago, Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry funded the drilling of a well and installation of a durable hand pump. Before that, the villagers had no option but to drink the muddy, contaminated water of the Ngoko River.

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Picture of car trip in Cameroon

The Road to Moloundou

A major part of the vision of Heaven’s Family is not only to serve the “least of these,” but to serve those who want to serve the “least of these.” The value we try to provide to our donors is to give them an efficient, trustworthy means to invest their hard-earned dollars for the benefit of the world’s poorest people, and particularly the poorest among our spiritual family, and to expand Jesus’ kingdom. We do for our investors what most of them would have a very difficult time doing themselves, and we do it for much less money than they could do it themselves. But it isn’t easy or cheap for us, either.

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Picture of Farming God's Way training

Only the Beginning

I hope you’ll forgive me—and I know you will (because Christians forgive)! My previous blog wasn’t actually my final blog. I’ve reserved what is most important for this blog, which will be my final blog from Malawi.

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