Grace In Gaza


Food for the Famished

In a country in Northern Asia, which I won't name for safety reasons, many people endure extreme poverty and daily struggles for survival. Due to their oppressive government, these individuals are denied basic human rights and necessities such as food and water. Christians in this region face even harsher persecution and cruel mistreatment.

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Picture of a believers in Myanmar meeting secretly


Several months ago, Myanmar erupted into madness as a military coup ripped the nation apart. Christians became one of the main targets of blame for the chaos. Persecution took many forms: intimidation, arson at Christian-run facilities, rampant theft, lack of access to food, and economic pressure.

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Picture of a believer in Pakistan receiving relief goods

Mercy in the Rain

Brother Williams is a bold witness for Jesus. In the face of potential martyrdom, Williams broadcasts the gospel throughout Pakistan via radio, TV, and the internet. The risks are very real—in fact, Williams was forced to decentralize his operations a few years back when his communications offices were firebombed.

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Picture of Syrian refugee


There is an unspoken tragedy that comes from war. We all know the external consequences—torture, precious lives extinguished, political instability, family displacement, economic deprivation—adversities often beyond our ability to comprehend. But talk face-to-face with those who’ve survived, look into their eyes, and a wordless secret oozes from within, something most fear will forever haunt them.

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