Jesus in the Middle East

Picture of Syrian refugee


There is an unspoken tragedy that comes from war. We all know the external consequences—torture, precious lives extinguished, political instability, family displacement, economic deprivation—adversities often beyond our ability to comprehend. But talk face-to-face with those who’ve survived, look into their eyes, and a wordless secret oozes from within, something most fear will forever haunt them.

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Representative picture of coffee shop in South Korea

Operation: Secret Seoul

In a busy cafe in downtown Seoul (South Korea), morning commuters buzz around me as they hurriedly grab their morning coffee and head off to unknown locations. There is a lot of noise, as polite greetings and rushed orders mix into the background.

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Picture of Bibles in the jungle

The Call in the Wild

Welcome to Myanmar, where small villages cluster in remote clearings deep within the jungle. Here, wild and untamable foliage presses in on every side, creating quite a beautiful backdrop—a stark contrast to the immense poverty that plagues her people. Having only ever known the jungle for many generations, Myanmar’s people live a rugged way of life that relies heavily on Earth's natural resources, which have nurtured a reverence for the nature that surrounds them.

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Picture of undercover missionary in jungle

Not a Day to Die

Cries of surprise and fear erupted as a mortar struck the jungle floor, close enough make the ground shake. Jamie said a silent prayer, pleading with God for their safety. She managed to choke back her fear. Today is not the day I will die.

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Representative photo of undercover missionary, Nora

Her Reputation Precedes Her

“What was I doing wrong?” As a Pakistani Imam (leader of the local Muslim mosque), Ahmed’s authority rested on his ability to display spiritual power. So why couldn’t he cast out the demon tormenting the daughter of the desperate couple that had sought his help?

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