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Reverse Missiology

Nine years ago theology students came from India to study in America. Soon they discovered 30,000 refugees from Bhutan lived in their city, and began an outreach to these displaced and spiritually hungry people. Eventually, 50 house churches were born from that effort.

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Picture of Bibles being smuggled

Defying the Giant

China. Bibles. Smuggling. Three words, each one filled with power and intrigue. But put them together, and you have an unparalleled opportunity for an undercover mission to transform thousands—perhaps millions—by bringing God’s Word to our hurting brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Picture of Bibles in the jungle

The Call in the Wild

Welcome to Myanmar, where small villages cluster in remote clearings deep within the jungle. Here, wild and untamable foliage presses in on every side, creating quite a beautiful backdrop—a stark contrast to the immense poverty that plagues her people. Having only ever known the jungle for many generations, Myanmar’s people live a rugged way of life that relies heavily on Earth's natural resources, which have nurtured a reverence for the nature that surrounds them.

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Picture of Tibetan young woman receiving her own copy of God's Word

Raising the Dead in the 21st Century?

Raising the dead? Sometimes it can come as a surprise to us Western Christians when we hear of our brothers and sisters abroad who, quite literally and in every sense of the word, take God for Who He says He Is and trust in His Word with fearless abandon.

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Man from Myanmar holding Bible he received from the Strategic Bibles Ministry

Filled with “No” No mo’

Imagine having a faith so strong that you continue to serve Jesus with just the basic understanding you learned of Him during your salvation experience—despite persecution, not having a Bible, or being able to regularly fellowship with other believers!

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Nepali evangelist Timothy Rai giving away Bible

A Good Investment

I want to take this opportunity to share with you the diligence of one of our national missionaries who's working hard to reach others with the gifts received by the Strategic Bibles Ministry. Towards the end of last year, I received this incredible praise report from Timothy Rai, our faithful brother in Christ who serves as a missionary in Nepal.

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