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The children of Life Concern Orphanage praying during their daily devotions

Dear Friends,

I love to hear encouraging news about how, together with you, we’re bearing fruit for the Lord in the lives of orphans around the world. Thanks to the blessing of email technology I get to read reports every month from orphanages that Orphan’s Tear supports. This month, I want to share with you a letter I recently received from the director of Life Concern Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar. I hope you are encouraged by it like I was!

We the Life Concern family would like express our heartfelt and gratitude to all the donors of the kids who are under our care. Your love, care, prayer and your financial aids really be a very meaningful for the kids and now, they are growing in status as well as their education performance. The elder kids also love the Lord and accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Last year five of the elder kids baptized. Your supports really help their physical needs as well as their soul and spirit.

May the Lord bless you all abundantly. Amen.

-Joney Thawng Hup

Thank you all so much for your ongoing partnership to better the lives of orphans in Jesus’ name. May the Lord bless you!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

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