Food For The Fearful

24 Apr

Food For The Fearful

You helped to provide food for hungry refugees in Israel

Tatyana was born and raised in Ukraine, where happily shared a home with her parents, two children, and her dog. Her life was simple and for the most part worry free, until a year ago when Russian forces took over her small town and she was forced to leave her home in a hurry to flee the approaching war, taking only one suitcase and her immigration documents with her.

Alongside her family, Tatyana left the only life she had ever known behind and boarded a plane to Israel. A place she had never been, but one where a friend of hers had connected her to a man who helped immigrants to find homes and work there.

Once she and her family arrived in Ashkelon, a small city in Israel, she realized how difficult the transition would be living in another country. Tatyana and her family worked for months to adjust to their new home. Living in a small apartment for refugees, Tatyana and her family were provided food packages and second-hand clothes until they were able to learn the language enough to find work and earn their own money.

Just a month after Tatyana got her first job, the war in Israel began. With frequent missile strikes and gunfire nearby, Tatyana worried for the safety of her family. After fleeing one war-stricken country to seek safety in Israel, Tatyana could not believe that she had once again found herself living in the middle of a war zone. This time, Tatyana and her family had no where else to flee to.

Tatyana made the difficult decisions to move her disabled parents and two young daughters in to a bomb shelter. Although the shelters offered increased safety, they were overrun and did not have enough beds or food for the amount of people sheltering there. Tatyana worried that she and her family would starve or freeze to death in these underground shelters.

Only days after moving in to the shelter Tatyana’s fears were relieved when she met Eduard, a partner of Heaven’s Family. He fearlessly came and went from the shelter brining food, water, and supplies to those sheltering inside. Eduard also began to share the gospel with Tatyana and others who were staying in these shelters, handing out children’s Bibles and leading these individuals in prayer.

Although Tatyana has not yet proclaimed that she is a follower of Christ, she has shared that because of Eduard sharing the hope of Christ, she and many others in the shelter no longer fear the war because they believe that God has a plan for them and will protect them.

Because of your gifts, our partner Eduard has been able to supply hundreds of Israel natives and immigrants who are living in bomb shelters with life saving aide over the past 6 months. Eduard has been able to provide food, clothing, water, and most importantly, a message of hope and salvation to these families caught in the middle of a war.

Through your support of the Disaster Relief Ministry at Heaven’s Family, these families in Israel have received physical food and spiritual food. Many hearing the true gospel for the first time in their life through Eduard.

Thank you for providing life saving relief and truth to these suffering Israeli’s.

Rachel Reed

Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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