Chan Thang Go Home!

Chan Thang

Chan Thang Go Home!

God rescues a boy from…an orphanage

Dear Friends,

I wish orphan care ministry was always smiles, giggles and success, but it isn’t. Unfortunately, we sometimes find a “bad apple” orphanage director who isn’t honest with us, or due to some other ongoing, unbiblical behavior we must end their support. It grieves me deeply because I know it’s the children who suffer most from a director’s poor choices. Though we may discontinue our financial support of a particular orphanage, however, that doesn’t mean our prayer support for their kids should stop.

The director of Shalom Orphanage in Kalaymyo turned out to be one of those bad apples. But just two weeks ago God answered my prayers for the children of Shalom in an unexpected way—we met the parents of Chan Thang, one of the children living there, during a conference we held in a remote village. They told us their story—a very common one—about how they had to send their son to that orphanage due to their poverty.

We also brought good news to them and others in their village about how we could help families economically through Opportunity loans. For Chan’s parents, we’ve promised to loan them funds to purchase a milking cow to provide additional income—enough income that they will soon be able to bring their son home again! Chan hasn’t lived with his family since 2006.

Chan Thang represents one of 11 children from other orphanages that we’ve had problems with in the past, but whom will soon be reunited with their families. I’m so thankful that we can once again be involved with helping these precious children who deserve to be living with their families. Welcome home Chan!

For the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

We recently sent Joney Thawng Hup to Chin State to hold conferences for families who had children in orphanages. In his conference in Thanglang, the families present represented 54 children from 7 villages who were in orphanages due to poverty.

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