Mighty Mouse Hunters

Khawng Song and Noah proudly displaying their catches.

When I saw the above photo (after I recovered from my initial shock) the familiar adage, “boys will be boys,” came to mind. But when I next saw the photo below I could hardly believe my eyes—girls were also getting in on the hunt! (Maybe in that part of the world they have a “girls will be girls” adage that fits here, but I don’t know that one!) All the proud mousers are from Life Concern Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar, were mouse hunting is sort of a sport—one that also provides a tasty snack!

Believe it or not, mice are somewhat of a delicacy in Myanmar, especially among the poor, who often cannot afford to buy more typical sources of protein. These mice were caught at the orphanage’s rice storage barn, so they weren’t the garbage-eating variety (hmmm…that knowledge doesn’t make them any more desirable to add to my menu, thank you).

When I questioned the director about the children catching and eating mice, he oh-so-politely offered to cook one up for me personally when I visit them at Life Concern in October. (I wonder if they offer the choice of grilled, deep-fried, or cajun?) Pray for me!

If you look closely, you’ll notice that two of the boys in the middle are holding a third mouse—on their heads! (Kids, don’t try this at home!)

Thank you for changing the life of an orphan,

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division


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  • Jane Deming

    I think two boys have a mouse on their head, and one looks to be alive 🙂 Its all about what your used to doing to survive. Some people can’t believe we eat cows!!

  • barbara

    It is not the diet I would recommend for any child. They are hungry! We hoard our treasures on earth….for what?

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