New Chairs at New Heritage

07 Jun

The orphanage children clapping and smiling with joy in front of their new chairs
The children at New Heritage aren’t just grateful, they are ecstatic with their new chairs!

Who would ever think getting simple new chairs for 20 children would make them smile with such delight? At New Heritage Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar, 20 new chairs is a thing to celebrate!

These chairs enable the children to sit at the tables (also purchased with your help!) to eat their meals and do their homework.

Because of donations to the Orphan’s Tear Special Projects Fund, we were able to purchase a chair for each of the children. On behalf of New Heritage Orphanage, thank you so much for giving!

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

The children smiling ear to ear sitting on their new chairs
Sarah shows off her new chair, left; along with the new chairs, you provided new tables as well!

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