One Blessed Bicycle

19 Jul

kenyan church planter gets bicycle to expand ministry

Pastor John Wanyonyi on his church-planting bicycle from Heaven’s Family

“A place where every sort of evil exists….”

Those were the words John Wanyonyi, an East African church planter in Kenya, used to describe his village.

“Bikeke village is where I come from, and I always thought some special people from far away or perhaps the city would come and evangelize our town. Then I realized that I was the one sent here, so I began to reach out to our village. With the help of a bicycle from Heaven’s Family I was able to reach many more people and start house fellowships. Now with over thirty fellowships, we are reaching out to the whole Bikeke community.”

Through gifts to the Mobilize a Minister Fund (now merged with our National Missionary Fund), Heaven’s Family provides simple but durable bicycles to evangelists and church planters in poor nations around the world, multiplying their effectiveness and area of ministry.

But there is more.

“Right now, three brothers are sharing the bicycle—two of us for ministry, and one for business. Again,” John says, “many thanks to Heaven’s Family for this gift.”

What a deal! For an average cost of $100, we can provide the gift of transportation, enabling a church-planting pastor, as well as his friends (in some cases) to spread the gospel further. Thanks for helping to make this possible.


Karin Trotter

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