Recycling for Jesus

Jane smiling and standing with a stack of newspapers
Jane Kinya with old newspapers from which she will profit

Dear Friends,

We hear a lot about America becoming a “paperless society,” but that isn’t the case in Kenya, where newsprint shows no signs of falling into disuse. And that’s good news for Jane Kinya, a widow I met during my recent trip to Nairobi. She supports herself and her three children by selling old news.

Jane started a newspaper recycling business in October of last year with a $200 micro-loan from her pastor—a Heaven’s Family micro-banker. Jane pays a few workers to collect newspapers from house to house. Then she bundles and sells the old newspapers to butchers and other merchants who use them to wrap their wares.

In March of this year, Jane made her final loan payment. Because Jane was faithful with a small loan, she is now eligible for a second loan, this time for $500, to expand her business. For Jane, old news really is good news!

Thank you very much for helping widows in their time of need through gifts to the Widows & Abandoned Women Fund!

Peter Wray
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Fund

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